Aliza Vaida
My work constantly shifts between the figurative and the abstract. Being a sculptor at heart, form remains most important in whichever style I create. My art is always rooted in life experiences. Following a recent critical back injury, my thematic focus shifted to anatomical studies of the human spine. In these works I try to convey the pain and anxiety I felt at the time, contrasted by the incredible dynamism of the spine. Often we do not truly appreciate our ability to move freely until it is taken from us.

The ability to create work that spans the boundaries of painting and sculpture allows me to maintain a sense of freedom and control, and to explore the complexities of physical, material and conceptual limitations.
Sustainability and environmentalism have become an essential theme in my art. The environmental problems the world faces today is shaping my work all the time. My pieces incorporate found and recycled materials. I revel in the challenge of finding previously discarded or forgotten materials and transforming them into something unexpected and new.